Monday, 7 February 2011

Review in The Times!

How exciting to get a review in The Times ... entertainingly, only found out about it when Guy Saville, whose book The Afrika Reich was reviewed in the same issue, friended me on Facebook!

Here's the review, which I had to pay a quid to read ;-)

Ruth Newman’s The Company of Shadows is a tragic love story evolves into a missing-person mystery, then a murder hunt that reaches a bloodthirsty climax in a twisting tale of confused identity and morality.

Londoner Kate has been mourning her dead husband for a year when she sees a man who looks identical to him in her friends’ recent holiday photos. She sets off in search of this improbable twin, first to Miami, then to Sicily, the scene of his death by drowning.

Every step she takes is watched, and anyone she approaches either threatens her or ends up dead, as Kate’s unanswered questions about her husband’s fate drag her ever deeper into a web of danger and deceit.

Topically enough, the finale involves America’s leading Mafia families in a cinematic Las Vegas, where ends that have been twisting in myriad directions are cleverly tied together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth! so its finally official The Company of Shadows will be released next week here in Italy! I'm so excited, after all these months of waiting, I can't believe I waited this long for your book! Can't wait to read it, i'm sure its amazing like Twisted Wing!
kisses from Italy!

Ruth Newman said...

The copies just arrived from Garzanti - looks great! I'll post the cover up in a min. Thanks Alessio! x

Robin Lewin said...

Ruth I recently finished reading your wonderful book 'The Company of Shadows' & was absolutely enthralled & enamoured at the way you made the story come alive with your scintillating prose. For me you make CJ Box, Harlan Coben, Michael Connelly, all authors I enjoy & admire, seem wooden in their delivery & imagery when compared to you. Congratulations & thank you for sharing your evocative prose. I look forward to reading many more like this over the years to come. Wishing you a long joyful & abundant life & career. Robin