Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Company of Shadows

Well we've chosen a title for the second book, and it's not on the list! Thank you nevertheless to everyone who voted!

Here's the back cover blurb for - wait for it - "The Company of Shadows":

Flicking through her friends’ holiday snaps, Kate Benson receives a sudden shock. For there in the background is her husband, Charlie. Dark hair, blue eyes, familiar smile: there’s no mistaking him. But that’s impossible. Because Charlie died a year ago.

Determined to track down the man in the photograph, Kate follows the trail from Miami to Sicily, where her husband drowned in mysterious circumstances. But when she discovers serious discrepancies in the original investigation, Kate starts to question whether she ever really knew the man she loved so much.

Was Charlie murdered? Was their marriage as perfect as Kate likes to remember? Why is she being followed? Who can she trust? And is Kate herself to be trusted? Because there are secrets in her past too . . .


Una McCormack said...

Splendid :-)

Vashti said...

So exciting, when is it out?!

Ruth Newman said...

Spoke too soon! The publishers are now thinking a two word title would be better - think I spoilt them with the genius that was the title "Twisted Wing", LOL. Any suggestions? They thought "Broken" or "Shattered" might be a good option for word no.1!

Vashti said...

Drowned Man?!

Vashti said...

Broken Heart?!
Shattered Ribs?
Dead or Alive?!

Sorry, they're not all two words either! Erm...
Shifting Tides?
Walking Ghost?

Ruth Newman said...

Shattered Ribs? Classic.

Broken Brain more appropriate in my case.