Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Twisted Wing out in Italy

I'm happy to say that Twisted Wing is now out in Italy, under the title "Il College Delle Brave Ragazze" ("College of the Brave Girls" or so Google Translate tells me!). Visit the Garzanti Libri website to find out more!

In other news, my lovely German teacher (from way back when - trust me, it's been many years since I was in a classroom!) tells me she's persuaded her book group to read Twisted Wing - thanks Mrs O!


Alessio said...

Hello Ruth!
I'm an italian guy who bought your book 2 days ago. Well, i have to say it's amazing! I read more than 150 pages in one day!
It's amazing, so dark.. so beautiful.. I heard here in Italy stamped the second edition for the book, so glad it's a success!
"Il college delle brave ragazze" means "The college of the good girls" ;)
I have to go now, your book is waiting for me =)

Ruth Newman said...

Thank you Alessio, lovely to hear from you! I hope you enjoy the ending!

Alessio said...

hehe, can't wait! only 100 pages left! =) i'm obsessed with it! in a good way =)

Alessio said...

I have finally finish the book! =) Very intense! The last chapter is amazing! A really good book, i hope your new book comes out soon here in Italy! =)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for this late comment but... I've bought and read Twisted Wing a couple of months ago, and I loved it so much!
It became one of my favorite books ever! Loved the continuous twists and doubts in the plot. And great characters!
I confess I wished there was a continuation.

I'll wait for your new book!

Ruth Newman said...

Hello Martina! Thank you, what a nice thing to say.

I'm afraid there are no plans for a continuation, though it's possible one of the main characters might reappear as a supporting/incidental character in a later book!