Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Never judge a book by its cover

Here's the fab cover for the UK version of Twisted Wing. I think it sums up the book really well - it definitely gets across the Cambridge feel, and I love the fact it's taken from the shadows.

The novel's currently scheduled for release in March 2008. Susan, the publisher, tells me that the ARCs (advance reader copies) should be ready soon. Can't wait to hold one in my hand!

This is the Dutch cover. Think it's being published in the Netherlands in the summer. This cover's a bit more edgy - I like the effect of the blood being the only bit of colour in the picture. The title translates to "Wings of Fear", which is pretty funny. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the book title turns out to be in different countries - I get the feeling it might be very entertaining!

At the last count the book is going to be translated in seven other languages - Dutch, Italian, Portugese, German, Chinese (for Taiwan), Polish and Romanian. I'm going to put a copy of each on a special bookshelf so I can stroke them erotically on a regular basis.

Book no.2 is currently at 85,000 words, and I've just finished drafting the structure of the final segment. There's still a lot of writing to do, so I'm thinking I might take a week off work in the summer and get my head down. For a few weekends I was on a real roll of 5,000 words a session, and if I could maintain that over five days I'd be very happy. Something tells me I may need to get my boyfriend to lock my PVR and XBox 360 in a cupboard though if I'm not going to find myself procrastinating!


Vashti said...

I really like the US cover!!

Can't wait to read the new one...or to see Twisted Wing in print!

Vashti xx

chris said...

Hi Ruth. I just wanted to say a (very) belated congratulations on winning the Long Barn competition, from one LBB author to another! I'm really looking forward to reading Twisted Wing, of which I've heard great things. The UK and Dutch jackets look terrific!

All the best

Ruth Newman said...

Thanks Chris, nice to hear from you! Hopefully we'll get to meet in person at some point!

Raine said...

Hi Ruth, I recently bought the Dutch version of your book and I just had to let you know it is probably the best book I have read this year.
I don't think the Dutch translation of your book is really doing it justice though.
Anyway, I look forward to reading more of you.

Greetz, Raine

Ruth Newman said...

Hey there Raine, great to hear from you - I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book!